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Cybersecurity Symposium


S/A Daniel Dickerman
Technical Advisor & Director of Training
IRS Criminal Investigation, Electronic Crimes
The Evolution of Cyber Forensics

Special Agent Daniel Dickerman is the Technical Advisor and Director of Training for the IRS Criminal Investigation Electronic Crimes program.

Special Agent Dickerman is a criminal investigator and was trained by the U.S. Treasury Computer Forensic Training Program as a computer forensic examiner. Throughout his career, he has been extensively trained in digital evidence recovery, networks, computer security, intrusion investigations, and many other areas, and has conducted thousands of forensic examinations.

Special Agent Dickerman has been an instructor for the Treasury Computer Forensic Training Program since 1999 and has developed most of the advanced training provided to Computer Forensic examiners from IRS, Secret Service, and DHS-ICE (formerly US Customs) in the past ten years. Dan has trained hundreds of Federal, State and Local law enforcement officers in basic and advanced computer forensics.

As the Technical Advisor of the IRS-CI Electronic Crimes Program, he is the agency's lead technical investigator and is responsible for keeping IRS up-to-date on technological advances and issues that affect computer forensics. As Director of Training, Special Agent Dickerman manages the joint DHS/Treasury Computer Forensic Training Program where he is responsible for training forensic agents from IRS, US Secret Service and DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In addition to his position with the IRS, Special Agent is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Rhode Island, where he has developed and teaches a curriculum in Computer Forensics. Dan also participates in many professional organizations in the field of Computer Forensics and is a frequent speaker on topics in computer forensics.

Cybersecurity Symposium 2011

Strengthening Cybersecurity in Rhode Island
For more information about this event, please contact:

Dr. Lisa DiPippo
Dept of Computer Science and Statistics
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Kingston, RI 02881
Phone: 401-874-2701